Chicanna, Group A Structure II

Chicanna, Structure II [February 18, 1997]

"The building façade is divided into three parts and appears to consist of three separate units, a feature also noted on some buildings in the Chenes region. The central section is extremely ornate and is divided into several panels, which blend to form a composite whole.

A full frontal monster mask with down-curving teeth is centered over the doorway and extends the width of this sector. The panels on each side of the doorway depict the inward-facing profile of a large monster mask. The fully open, reptilian monster mouth has projecting down-curving teeth which line the sides of the doorway.

The raised platform, extending from the central doorway across the front terrace and staircase, is also lined with up-curving teeth, which appear to represent the lower jaw of the open-mouth doorway. Four superimposed, smaller mask profiles are seen along the two outer edges of the central decorative panel. All these masks probably represent Itzamna, the Creator-God, here displayed in reptilian form with possibly both celestial and terrestrial attributes."

(Eaton 1974:134-5)