Chicanna Map

Chicanná Site Inner Map

"The main plaza group consists of two standing and two collapsed structures enclosing a rectangular plaza with interior dimensions of about 35 by 50 m. The plaza has two superimposed floors separated by approximately 25 cm. of structural fill. The lower floor was apparently constructed during the Sabucan ceramic phase of the latter part of the Early Classic period around A.D. 450-500. This flooring was underlain by a thin cultural deposit which held an admixture of Sabucan and Late Preclassic Pakluum phase materials. The Late Preclassic occupation probably dates to between A.D. 150 and 250. A subsequent flooring was built during the Bejuco ceramic phase of the Late Classic period, probably between A.D. 650 and 750."

(Eaton 1974:133)