Temple 22

East Court of Temple 22, Copan, Honduras

"[18-Rabbit's] most memorable work during this period was Temple 22, a building that has long been admired as one of the finest of all Maya architectural expressions. We know now that by raising Temple 22, 18-Rabbit was re-creating a type of structure that had been built many time before by his ancestors, expressing their own special vision of Creation. This temple's last and most ambitious manifestation was constructed with mud mortar, a kind of construction that required constant and careful maintenance to ensure that its plaster seal did not leak and weaken the walls. Once the Copanecs no longer maintained it, it deteriorated and collapsed. Today we have only fragments of the beautiful sculptures that once decorated it--pieces found lying in the grass by the temple's feet--but they are enough to help us contemplate the building's lost beauty and significance."

Freidel, Schele, Parker, Maya Cosmos: Three Thousand Years on the Shaman's Path, p. 147-8