Edzna means House of the Grimace in Maya.

Photos1 are seven photographs of the beautiful Puuc style Palace of Five Stories
Photos2 are five photographs of the famous Edzna early classic stucco masks

"Southernmost of the Puuc sites is Etzna (or Edzna), best known for its five-storied structure which combines features of pyramids and palaces. Aerial reconnaissance has disclosed that Etzna is surrounded by a complex system of canals and reservoirs, and that a square, fortress-like structure is encompassed by a moat. Such a water-control system could have had multiple functions, such as communication, fishing, and provision of drinking water, and Ray Matheny suggests that the canals might have been connected with a raised-field system. While most of what one sees at Etzna is Late Classic in date, it is noteworthy that at least some of the canals go back to the Late Preclassic."

(Michael D. Coe, The Maya: 1987)