Photos1 deal with the Franciscan mission and Fra Diego de Landa.

Photos2 deal with the Maya pyramid of Kinich Kak Mo.

In Izamal, more than anywhere else in the Yucatan, the superimposition of Catholicism and Spanish culture on top of Mayan tradition is visible. Long before the Spanish arrived, Izamal had been a prosperous ancient city, occupied continuously from the late Pre-classic period onwards (from about 300 BC). Twelve large pyramids made the city one of the most impressive in Yucatan.

Izamal was dedicated to the worship of Itzamna, patron of learning, science, and the arts, who was also associated with healing and medicine. Already established as a major pilgrimage center for the Maya, it was converted to a Christian pilgrimage site by the Franciscan order after they arrived in 1549.

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