Xunantunich & El Castillo

Xunantunich: View from below [January 4, 1998]

In his 1908 report of explorations for the Peabody Museum at Harvard, Teobert Maler wrote: "Fortunately my enforced stay in Benque Viejo could be employed in thoroughly exploring a ruin lying on the other side of the river. This ruin is only 2 1/2 km. distant on an air-line, and the principal edifice, "El Castillo de dos Epocas," crowning an eminence, appears from the modern village like a green, wooded height lying to the northwest. The top of a natural elevation had evidently been levelled off to form a large, rectangular terrace near the edges of which may be seen the remains of small structures, while the centre is occupied by the two-storied main edifice."

Teobert Maler, 1908: 77