Tikal: Temple II

Temple I seen from the Central Acropolis

"The buildings in the foreground rest on platforms that extend about 16 feet below the level of the present court floor to an earlier buried floor at the same level as that of Court 1, to the west.

Bedrock is estimated to lie 30 to 50 feet below the present floor level, as the natural surface drops from north to south. Earlier constructions extending centuries back in time lie between bedrock and the final plaster floor of this court.

Structure 5D-61 [to the right], now partially cleared and consolidated, faces east. It is a single-story palace containing three rooms, each with its own exterior doorway. A series of platform extensions at the rear of the building led to the eventual construction of 5D-62 [on the left], the two stories of which also face east.

Although the second story seems to have been incorporated in the original construction, it underwent some modification by the addition of the north room and the benches in the main room. The exterior stairway on the south end is integrated as a unit with the walls of the first story."

William R. Coe, Tikal: A Handbook of the Ancient Maya Ruins, p.58

Tikal: Temple II

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Tikal: Temple II