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Lord Smoking Shell, from Sweatshirt sold at the site Lord Smoking Shell

Wucub ahau ox pop tzoki te tun waa...
Uuac kib kan zec
Wucublajun tunob kan kinob xikah kaan
chicchan pal ahau...
Ukabale butz anki sol kaan tu ton ain
macuch lakin LAMA'AN'AIN

It was on 7 ahau 3 pop that the tree stone of time ended
[a 52-year era ended in 625 A.D.]
He had become ruler 17 yrs 4 days before [A.D. 608] on 6 Kib 4 Zec
He was the youngest son of the heir to the king
His name was Lord Smoking Shell
His celestial Progenitor was the Spirit Crocodile
Lord of the east, of the province of LAMA'AN'AIN


It is now recognized that the principal figures depicted on Maya stelae, lintels, and wall panels are historical personages, the rulers of the cities in which such stone monuments are erected.

"The chief purpose of the stelae was to represent standing or seated human figures, richly dressed and burdened by serpent symbols....The meaning of this symbolic system is far from sure, but its proliferent serpent-head elements suggest that the figures garbed in them have transcendental meaning; that they are god-impersonators wearing the shreds of the space of upper and nether worlds represented by serpent mouths, eyes, and fangs."

Jeff Kowalski (quoting George Kubler), The House of the Governor (1987) p. 202

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