East Group Ceremonial Platform 2B2

Kabah Ceremonial Platform 2B2

A glyphic text is inscribed on all four sides of Platform 2B2 in front of the Codz Poop


Platform 2B2

The longest glyphic text at Kabah is found on four sides of a small square platform in front of the Codz Poop.

Kawalski regards this text to be historical: "The two emblem glyphs on the Kabah platform, that on the east side resembling an emblem glyph found on the Uxmal Altar, and the God B Glyph that may refer to Lord Chac of Uxmal suggest that close political and dynastic ties existed between Uxmal and Kabah. Such bonds are presumably reflected in the fact that an artificial road or sacbe originally linked the two cities.

The several female head glyphs presumably name various noblewomen, and this again suggests an interest in family and dynastic matters. It may be that one of these women is from Kabah and married Lord Chac to cement friendly relations between the two cities. This is pure speculation, however; only future research may be able to clarify the nature of this Uxmal-Kabah connection."

Jeff Karl Kawalski, The Historical Interpretationof the Inscriptions of Uxmal

Platform 2B2 East Side

Platform 2B2 East Side Glyphs

Glyphs, west side, north end of Platform 2B2

Closeup of glyphs on west side, north end of platform


Scattered architectural elements in front of Codz Poop

These standardized mosaic elements must have been mass-produced by the ancient Maya in factory-like shops.

Here, some of these fallen elements have been sorted and await the hand of an archaeologist to return them to their proper place in the façade.

fallen portions of Chac masks from Codz Poop

Codz Poop: More fallen fragments of Chac masks

Stone Fragments

Scattered mosaic fragments

This fragment was once part of what Paul Gendrop refers to as a "zig-zag" or "lace" pattern which imitates an undulating serpent. It is a standard element of late Puuc design.


Local Iguana

A resident of the stone heaps displays a splendid profile.

I believe he is a Black Iguanas, Ctenosaura Similis.