Hormiguero, Str. II

Structure II as it appeared in April of 1933

"Structure II, lying along the north edge of this group, is the largest and, no doubt, was one of the principal buildings in the city. As seen in the plan, it is a complex structure containing eight chambers. It rests on a platform 4-5 m. high. The greater portion of the elaborately decorated south façade and much of the north façade are in position, and one chamber has its vault intact.

The most outstanding features of the south façade are its two towers, each supplied with a purely ornamental stairway. The central doorway is 2.38 m. wide and, though the three wooden beams forming the lintel are in situ, its height is not known as the sill is covered with debris. The motif of the façade decoration above the doorway is a mask with the teeth projecting down over the lintel, and to either side is an elaborated serpent face in profile."

Ruppert & Dennison, Archaeological Reconnaissance in Campeche, Quintana Roo, and Peten, 1943: plate 11a