Hochob, Str. I

Hochob, Structure I [January 3, 2003]

"For the rest, the doorway as such seems to have been a more orthodox and common version than that of Structure 2, and in regard to its volume composition and general design, this building falls more clearly within a series of Chenes regional tendencies that include, among other characteristic elements, a notable vertical frieze set off at the corners by an enlargement that, together with the middle and upper moldings, gives this frieze the very special appearance of a panel (a trait that, even thought it is used in a more systematic way in the Chenes region, appears in some notably contemporaneous buildings of the Rio Bec region, as on the wings of Structure II at Chicanna or the stylized huts on Sturcture 1 at Peshal)."

Paul Gendrop, "Rio Bec, Chenes, and Puuc Styles in Maya Architecture", p.102.