Chacmultun: Cabalpak Group, Bldg. V

Cabalpak Group: Building V [February 16, 1997]

Although I did not realize it at the time, this is really a multi-storied building. Joyce Kelly writes: "It's lower story has twelve rooms, with many of the corbeled vaults intact, and with a façade that has been nicely restored...The front of the lower-level rooms is divided by a partly restored stairway in the center. Climb the stair to the top of this lower section, and the right side and you will see a trail going uphill.

As you climb this trail, you will see architectural remains on higher and higher levels. Only then can you appreciate that the structure is multistoried. The first three stories are built on terraces on the side of a natural hill; the fourth story is on top of the hill itself. The upper levels are hidden from view by trees when you are standing at ground level or on the terrace above the lower story."

Joyce Kelly, An Archaeological Guide to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, p. 158