Str. 2C2

Kabah: Structure 2C2 [June 23, 1995]

Paul Gendrop regards the Palace as a transition example between the relatively plain early Puuc and the fully developed late Puuc styles. The Palace is a wonderful study in the use of columns and "colonnettes" decorated with "spools" which appear in the various levels of the building.

Starting at the lowest level, the base molding running along the foundation and underneath the doorways is composed of rows of short plain colonnettes. On the next level, the first floor exterior walls are decorated with interspersed pairs of full-length colonnettes decorated with spools at the bottom, middle and top.

The second floor facade is plain, relieved only by an occasional true column and the rhythm of the doorways. Above that, the medial molding [the area between the top of the doorframes and the horizontal elements which define the roofline] is composed of triplets of banded columns which imitate on a smaller scale the colonnettes decorating the first floor facade. Finally, the middle member of the cornice [roofline] molding is again decorated with rows of short plain colonnettes placed over the triplets on the medial molding.

Paul Gendrop, Rio Bec, Chenes, and Puuc Styles in Maya Architecture