Xunantunich, Str. Q-11

Xunantunich: Structure A-11 [January 4, 1998]

"...work at Benque Viejo was done by a Cambridge University party under Euan Mackie during late 1959 and early 1960. The vaulted palace, A-11, was cleared as was a smaller residence or palace, A-15. Both building were found in a collapsed condition, and certain features revealed in the excavations lead Mackie to believe that their destruction was very sudden. He postulates either destructive human action or an earth tremor, favoring the latter explanation. Of special interest is the ceramic depositional evidence. Seventeen vessels of the Benque Viejo IIIB complex were found smashed on the floor of A-11 by the falling vault stones."

Willey, Ballard, Glass & Gifford, 1965: p. 315