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Xpujil: Tatiana Proskouriakoff's reconstructive drawing

From Ruppert & Denison, Fig. 110


A second Titiana Proskouriakoff reconstruction drawing, this time without the roof combs and without the elaborate relief sculpture on the upper part of the façade above the doorways. Use this model to aid picturing what the original building might have looked like. Click on the red rectangles to compare the archaeological evidence with the reconstruction.

Paul Gendrop writes, "There is hardly a site in the Río Bec region that does not have one or more of these peculiar buildings flanked by towers, abutments, and/or massive pylons [such as those at Río Bec A and B, Hormiguero II, V, and VI, Chicanná Str. I, Dzibilnocac, and others.]. This fact, together with the prevalence that this type of construction has, also tells us about an important symbolic-religious function."

An unusual variant of this type of building is Structure VIII at Becán -- a Rio Bec range type building built this time on top of a pyramid-like structure which displays "-- strangely set on the roof--two appendages like truncated pyramids with rounded corners, crowned by a roofcomb and with a simulated stairway on the front."

Gendrop: 1998, p. 61

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