Uxmal, Photo of House of the Governor with El Adivino in background

The Palace & The Pyramid

The massive platform supporting the Governor's Palace is over 50 feet high, with a grand ceremonial staircase leading up to it.

Uxmal, Photo of Governor's Palace & Pyramid of the Magician

"The collocation of pyramidal forms obeyed relationships of celestial order and thus reflected the cosmos in the spatial relationships of the ritual center."

Kubler, Studies in Ancient American & European Art, p. 244

Uxmal, Pyramid of the Magician

"The pyramid is an image of the world; in turn, that image of the world is a projection of human society. If it is true that man invents gods in his own image, it is also true that he sees his own image in the images that the sky and the earth offer him. Man makes human history of the inhuman landscape; nature turns history into cosmogony, the dance of the stars."

Octavio Paz, The Other Mexico, p. 294

Solstice dawn at House of Governor

A beautiful summer solstice dawn at House of Governor in 1995.