Pot from El Chiclero Pottery Museum

This piece probably dates from the early decades of the Late Classic Period and is representative of what has been called the Tikal Dancer plate style. Dorie Reents-Budet writes: "It has been suggested that these Dancer plates were produced at Tikal and nearyby Uaxactún or only at Tikal. The stylistic variations within the corpus point to multiple workshops, each expressing their individuality through minor yet consistent variations in the use of pictorial space, in iconography and in vessel shape. When compared chemically to the corpus of lowland classic period polychrome pottery, these plates cluster together based on their similar compositional profiles and chemically resemble pottery excavated from the Tikal area. However, the groups's internal chemical diversity points not only to Tikal but also to smaller subsidiary sites within the greater Tikal sphere as the locations of the workshops where these plates were created."

Dorie Reents-Budet, Painting the Maya Universe: Royal Ceramics of the Classic Period, p. 197