Tikal:  Group G

Tikal: Group G [January 7, 1998]

Group G forms one of the largest clusters of major palace type construction known at Tikal. It is fronted by a spacious east-facing platform and has a broad entrance stairway. Group G is associated with the Late Classic ruler Yik'in, and it may have been his private palace quarters. Yik'in was the son of Hasaw Chan Ka'wil, and was, if possible, an even more prodigious builder than his father. He is known to have constructed Temples IV and Temple VI, possibly the Mendez and Maler Causeways, including the giant rock sculpture attributed to him along the Maler Causeway, and Palace Structure 5D-52-1st (the Five Story Palace in the Central Acropolis).

Source: Harrison, Lords of Tikal, p. 162