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Coe writes that the existence of Str5D-33-3rd "remained unsuspected until 1963, when lateral Terrace-based tunneling...revealed the huge U 4B mask, as well as contiguous substructural components, ending beyond at a ragged line indicating demolition...suggesting that 33-3rd's summit was dismantled in preparation for erecting 2nd.

Coe, William, Tikal Report no. 14

Units 4A and 4B

Coe, William, Tikal Report no. 14, fig. 316

Unit 196

Coe, Tikal Report no. 14, fig. 316

"Termed U. 196, an upside-down composition, as first encountered behind Structure 5D-34-1st masonry. One of probably four like features arrayed across the facade of the Platform 5D-4-3rd-B Acrpolis."