Palace of Sayil

Palace of Sayil: portion of building west (left) of the grand stairway [June 23, 1995]

Catherwood's Etching of Palace of Sayil

"The plate represents so much of the building as now remains and can be presented in a drawing. It has three stories or ranges, and in the centre is a grand staircase thirty-two feet wide, rising to the platform of the highest terrace. This staircase, however, is in a ruinous condition, and, in fact, a mere mound, and all that part of the building on the right had fallen, and was so dilapidated that no intelligible drawing could be made of it; we did not even clear away the trees. The engraving represents all that part which remains, being the half of the building on the left of the staircase."

(Stephens, vol.2, p. 6)