Quirigua: View of Grand Plaza

Quirigua: View of Grand Plaza looking North to Stelae E and F [January 8, 2004]

The capture and sacrifice of 18-Rabbit of Copan was of over-riding significance to Cauac Sky and his descendants and was the basis of Cauac Sky's claim, which he continued to make to the end of his long life, that he was the legitimate 14th successor to Yax Kuk' Mo' of Copan [18-Rabbit was the 13th successor]. This claim, along with the capture date of 18-Rabbit, is made on every monument Cauac Sky erected after the event occurred in 738 A.D.

Monuments 5 and 6, also known as Stela E and F, are the tallest sculptures at the site, and Stela E is the largest known in the maya area. The northern cluster of monuments, which includes Monuments 1 through 7, all date from the last 24 years of Cauac Sky's reign [761-785 A.D.] and are oriented north-south.