Quirigua: Monument 1

Quirigua: Stela A (Monument 1) [January 8, 2004]

Stela A stands at the entrance to the site and is a frontal portrait of Cauac Sky. "The east and west sides ar sculpted with two columns of large hieroglyphs. The east side [shown in photo] opens with a dedicatory date in bar-and-dot notation, 6 Ahau 13 Kayab. The continuing inscription of the west side of the monument includes a phrase referring to Quirigua's greatest ruler, Cauac Sky, in his fifth katun of life (between 79- and 98- years old) when this monument was carved."

Robert J. Sharer, Quirigua: A Classic Maya Center & Its Sculptures, Carolina Academic Press, 1990, p. 26

Carolyn Tate, in "Trees of Paradise and Pillars of the World", mentiones that stelae and other sculptured monuments had proper names, which were often related to particular supernaturals depicted in their imagery, usually those that appear in the ruler's headdress or emerge from the ends of his serpent-bar scepter. Stuart (1996: 165) has also observed that stelae are often named for the period endings they commemorate, bearing such appellatives as Six Ahau Tun (the hieroglyphic name of Stela A at Quirigua, dedicated on 6 Ahau 13 Kayab).