View of North Side of Palace

North Side of Palace, Temple of the Inscriptions in Background

The Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta writes: "The integration of nature, color, and climate is perfectly achieved in Palenque.

It is there, upon the ancient stones, that I realize how the true values of life -- peace, love, humanity, and spirituality -- blend perfectly with nature, color, sky, and how the role of the architect is truly one of enhancing the earth."

Ricardo Legorreta, Introduction to "Visions of Ancient America".

Details of Palace Northern Substructure Stucco Decoraation

Detail from Northern Substructure of Palace

The north substructure tiers show a large human or Maize God face flanked by a two-headed serpent. From the open jaws of the serpent emerges the head of K'awiil.

Drawing by Linda Schele,© David Schele, courtesy Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc.,