The Temple of the Sun viewed from the top of the Temple of the Cross

View of Temple of the Sun from the top of Temple of the Cross

"The Temple of the Sun - the best preserved - is one of the most beautiful small temples ever erected by the Mayas. This elegantly proportioned structure is sheer perfection, making it one of the most photographed buildings at Palenque."

Joyce Kelly, An Archaeological Guide to Central and Southern Mexico, p. 319

The spectacular view of the Temple of the Inscriptions and Palenque Palace

Panoramic view of Palenque with Temple of the Inscriptions (left) and Palace (center), with the broad coastal plain stretching out into the distance toward the Gulf of Mexico

Photo courtesy of Kasper de Jonge and Jeroen Schoenmakers of the Netherlands. Thank you, Kasper and Jeroen!

Built on the rising terraces and foothills of the Chiapas Mountains, we see the Temple of the Inscriptions on the left and the Palace complex in the center.

The broad coastal plain stretches out in the distance beyond toward the Gulf of Mexico.