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The Maya were concerned with creating monumental ceremonial spaces, often astronomically aligned, within which ritual and political theater could take place.

This website was begun after my first visit to the Yucatan in 1995, and is an attempt to share photos and impressions of that astonishing ancient architecture which I had the privilege to see.

The image mapping, "drill down," and hyperlink capabilities of the web made it an interesting medium for portraying these mysterious old places.

I tried to build navigation paths through the photos which would reinforce spatial relationships and give a sense of place. The organization of this site mimics my own use of maps and old books as I tried to figure out where I had been and what I had seen.

I enjoy reading what the the old explorers and archaeologists had to say about the places I have visited. Wherever possible, their original engravings, diagrams, and expedition photos have been included in the text underneath the photographs.

The modern photos presented here were taken during six trips I made to Mexico & Central America from 1995 to 2004.

Starting in June of 1998, Marion Canavan joined me in what we hope will be a long and happy collaboration of website creation and travel.

Marion organized all six trips represented in this website -- to Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala.

She brings great ideas and enthusiasm to her task, plus an enormous sense of fun, love of

the Mayan people, knowledge of the area, and a witty and fluent writing style.

I hope you enjoy your visit to!

Contact: Barbara McKenzie
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania