Hormiguero means "ant hill" in Spanish. The Mayan place name is not known.

Hormiguero "...was reported to the Second Campeche Expedition by the workmen's cook, who several years before, had camped at the aguada of Hormiguero. The chicleros told her fantastic tales of some ruins which were very near the water hole: that some of the houses were standing; that the doors closed, each with a single stone slab; and that strange noises were heard within the buildings. The city was visited by the expedition April 9-14, 1933.

The name Hormiguero was probably given to the aguada because of the great number and large size of the anthills in this locality."

Ruppert & Dennison, Archaeological Reconnaissance in Campeche, QUintana Roo, and Peten, 1943: p. 37