Hochob, Str. II

Hochob, Str. II [January 3, 2003]

"Structure 2 is divided into three clearly defined volumes, both horizontally and vertically, with the central section prominent not only because of its roofcomb and its opulently ornamented entrance, but also because of its more elevated position and the noticeable recess that accentuates the volume of the wings in respect to it. These, in their turn, with their undecorated, smooth surfaces offer visual relief in the midst of such obvious exuberance.

The upper part [of the wings], on the other hand, stands out not only in the physical sense of the word (because of its upsweep), but also because of its decorative concept itself: a wide upper mask very similar to that of the main entrance, but flanked by a cascade of corner masks, an apparently new trait in the theme of zoomorphic entrances..."

Paul Gendrop, "Rio Bec, Chenes, and Puuc Styles in Maya Architecture," p. 100.