Ek Balam view looking south from the top of the Acropolis. The Ballcourt, Structures 16 and 17, and the Arch and part of the defensive walls can be seen.

View of Ek Balam from the top of the Acropolis

The Acropolis is the tallest structure at Ek Balam, rising 102 feet. The view from the top presents a spectacular overview of the layout of this small site.

Looking south, the Ballcourt appears to the west (right side of photo) with a low sloping grandstand and a larger companion building with its staircase facing away from the Ballcourt.

The Main Plaza occupies the tree-covered mid-ground of the photo, with Structure 16 off to the south (top center of photo) and Structure 17, Las Gemelas (The Twins because its dual temples and staircases share a single platform), to its right in the photo.

Two concentric walls surrounded the ceremonial center of the site, with a main entry arch seen slightly behind and to the right of Las Gemelas. Part of the wall can be seen to the left of Structure 16 in this photo.

Looking Down from Level 4 and the White Temple

Looking out from the 4th level of Structure 1 toward the central stair. This is the level of the "White Temple" which contains the magnificent Ek Balam stuccos. The thatch awnings below are protecting the hieroglyphic serpents on each side of the central stair.

Looking down from the top of El Torre  with thatch protection for Level 4 Temple on the right.

Looking down the steep central stair from the top of El Torre. The thatch to the right is protecting the stucco facade on level 4, the thatch awnings flanking the stair at ground level protect the hieroglyphic serpents.