Stela A

Stela A is a beautiful portrait of 18-Rabbit, the 13th ruler of Copan

Waxaklahum-Ubah-K'awil or, as his name glyph translates, 18-Rabbit, was the thirteenth ruler of Copan. He ascended to the throne in 695 A.D. and was a prodigious builder and great patron of the arts. He developed the Great Plaza to the north of the Acroplis and erected stelae that portray him confronting the supernatural on every major period-ending date during his first thirty-five years of reign.

His program captures an unequaled view of Maya ritual and belief, while at the same time creating one of the great artistic legacies from the precolumbian world. Sadly, after a long and successful reign of 43 years, he was captured in battle and sacrificed by the much younger Cauac Sky of Quirigua in 738 A.D.