Copan Altar Q

The West Side of Altar Q at Copan, Honduras

All sixteen rulers of Copán are pictured on the sides of Altar Q. Below each photo, the dates and buildings associated with each ruler are listed, along with links to photos when available.

Ruler 16: Yax Pasah, the last ruler of Copan, receiving the torch from the founder of the dynasty, Yax Kuk Mo'.
   Accession date: (July 2, 763)
   West Court "Reviewing Stand", dedicated in 769 A.D.
   Str. 10L-11, dedicated in 773 A.D.
   Altar Q, dedicated in (775 A.D.)
   Celebrated first katun of reign in (783 A.D.)
   Str 10L-18, dedicated in (801 A.D.)
   Celebrated katun ending with Jade Sky of Quirigua, in (810 A.D.)
   Posthumous reference on Stela 11, dedicated in (820 A.D.)

Ruler 15: K'ak' Yipyaj Chan K'awil or "Smoke Shell".
   Str. 10L-22 (Hieroglyphic Stairway)
   Stela M
   Stela N

Ruler 2: Almost nothing is known about Ruler 2

Ruler 1: K'inich Yax Kuk Mo' or "Great Sun, Green Quetzal Macaw", Founder of the Dynasty.
   Displayed manikin scepter: (426 A.D.)
   Unknown event: (426 A.D.)
   Celebrated katun ending (?): (435 A.D.)
   Died or buried: (437 A.D.)