Stela D

Copan: Stela D [January 9, 2004]

"Particularly suggestive is the distinctive style 18-Rabbit patronized in the design of his monuments, which may indicate that they were created in part for an audience unfamiliar with writing or the esoteric ideologies of Maya rulership. Predominately iconographic rather than inscriptional, their design departs from the conventions of stela composition both in the Classic Lowlands and in earlier periods at Copan....

The Great Plaza sculptures...rely upon vivid imagery and an almost narrational style of composition to communicate their messages of power...Images of the king's figure wrap around the sides of the monuments in high relief, while the richly detailed imagery, enacted by a profusion of lively, gesticulating supernaturals, illustrates the story of the king's divine empowerment with an explicitness that is unprecedented in public monumental art."

Elizabeth Newsome, Trees of Paradis and Pillars of the World: The Serial Stela Cycle of '18-Rabbit-God K,' King of Copan, p. 61