Stela B

Copan: Stela B [January 9, 2004]

"Paralleling the rite's practical application as a prayer for earthly abundance is the mythic message it conveys, which relates to the sacred character of 4 Ahau as the day of cosmic rebirth. As they conjure the growing plants from the earth, the spirits of 18-Rabbit's forefathers both renew the gods' original gift of maize and embody the spiritual link between the living Maya and their ancestors made from corn.

18-Rabbit's offerings may be viewed as a petition to his ancestors to generate a fruitful new world for his people, to mediate between the mythic past and the new cycle that will begin on 4 Ahau. The actions of his ancestors bridge past and present time, transcending the boundary that separates the community of their living descendant from the domain of the gods. Under their spell, the enchantment of the earth begins anew, just as the gods first awakened the vital energies of its life-giving plants at the beginning of time."

Elizabeth Newsome, Trees of Paradise and Pillars of the World: The Serial Stela Cycle of "18-Rabbit-God K," King of Copan, p. 141