Stela A

Name glyphs for 18-Rabbit and the Copan emblem glyph on Stela A

The name glyph of 18-Rabbit-God K is shown on the left and consists of the bar and dot notation for the number eighteen placed on top of what used to be thought of as a rabbit head, with the God K'awil appearing in the right side of the glyph.

The Copan emblem glyph on the right side of the photo pictures a fruit bat, distinguished by the fleshy extension on its nose.

Regarding the elements that make up the name of Uaxaclahun U Bah K'awil (18-Rabbit-God K), Elizabeth Newsome writes : "The hieroglyphic elements of his nominal phrase include the numeral 18, written as three bars and three dots (Uaxaclahun), prefaced to a rodent head that Linda Schele and Jeffrey Miller originally identified as a short-eared tropical forest rabbit.

The rodent head is now known to be that of a gopher, its sound value corresponding to bah, a word for 'gopher' in the Mayan languages. However, the original 'rabbit' identification has remained part of the nickname assigned to this king. The final element of his nominal phrase is usually a portrait head of God K, although a full-figure representation of the god or his characteristic smoking mirror can also appear in this position."

Elizabeth Newsome, Trees of Paradise and Pillars of the World: The Serial Stela Cycle of "18-Rabbit-God K," King of Copan, p. 65