The northwest section of Calakmul consists of the residential complex Structure XIII and a small ballcourt, with the remains of a defensive wall to the northwest.

Structure XIII is a multi-room palace type building on a raised platform

Structure XIII

The stairway and the plaza are decorated with carved stelae

Str. II

Structure XIII interior room with what looks like an altar

Str. II

Structure XIII passageway

Structure XIII

One of our guides once fancifully referred to these rooms as "the apartments of the Queen."

Stela 66, now reassembled from fragments and placed near Structure XIII

Stela near Str. XIII

Stela 66, dedicated August 22, 733 A.D.

This stela is in the plaza adjacent to Structure XIII. Although in the main badly eroded, a single elegant sandle somehow managed to escape the ravages of time.

The stela had been cut into four pieces in ancient times and its fragments were incorporated into the corners of the ballcourt. These fragments have been reassembled and Stela 66 now stands near the north end of the west half of the court.

Western side of Ballcourt

Structure VI

Structure XI is a small ballcourt which is situated a short distance south of Structure XIII. It is of the open end type with no rings or markers.

According to Ramon Carrasco (1994) it is of late construction and seems to mark a reorientation of the site's architectural style.

The ballcourt appears to have been dedicated towards the second half of the 8th century since a stela (Stela 66), which carried a dedication date of August 22, 733 A.D. was cut into four pieces and the fragments incorporated into the corners of the building.

George F. Andrews. Architectural Survey at Calakmul 1994/1995. University of Oregon, p. 78

Defensive wall

This photo is from the First Campeche Expedition in 1932 and shows the wall defending the northwest precincts of the city, not far from the ballcourt and Structure XIII. It rises to a height of 6.15 m.

The existence of this wall underscores the hostilities between Tikal and Calakmul which characterized the history of these two powers.

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