Becan: Ruppert drawing Becan: Ruppert diagram

(Ruppert 1943:fig. 67b & c)

Chris Jones, writing about twin-pyramid groups in Tikal, makes a very interesting observation. He writes: "The pattern of the twin-pyramid group might have one incomplete and misunderstood imitation. The Rio Bec area of Southern Campeche and Quintana Roo, Mexico, is best known for the site of Xpuhil, in which steep towers imitate Tikal-like temples Not far from Xpuhil is the site of Becan. Structure 1 in Becan, as illustrated by Ruppert and Dennison seems to imitate the twin-pyramids of Tikal's twin-pyramid group.

Two identical towers stand on the east and west ends of a single raised platform. Each tower has radial symmetry Four pits, apparently too large to be postholes, mar the tops of the structures, but otherwise the tops are flat and broad. The central parts of the tower sides appear to be imitation stairways seen in the other Rio Bec towers although steps are not mentioned by Ruppert and Dennison. No other twin-pyramid group elements are found in the group. In fact, except for the odd shapes of the towers, Becan Structure 1 is typical of the palace-with-towers of the area. The towers imitate something akin to a twin-pyramid group instead of a temple."

Christopher Jones, The Twin-Pyramid Group Pattern: A Classic Maya Architectural Assemblage at Tikal, Guatemala