Becán: Ballcourt, with Str. X in background

Becan: Str. X with ballcourt in foreground

Feb. 20, 1997


Map of Ballcourt Area

Becan:  1943 map of ballcourt area

(Ruppert & Denison 1943: Plate 68)

"Structure XI, a ball court, lies at the southwest corner of Structure X. The two parallel ranges, with their long axes north and south, are 32 m. long; between them is the playing area, 9.20 m. wide. The walls of the bench, rising vertically from the floor of the playing area to a height of 90 cm., are composed of six courses of narrow blocks with long tenons...
    The east range abuts a high mound (the west side of the south court of Structure X), which may in some way have served as a superstructure, a not uncommon plan (cf. Chichen Itza). The west range did not support a superstructure nor was any trace of a stairway observed on its west slope.
    Excavations on the benches along the east-west axis did not disclose stone rings tenoned in the wall or lying in the debris, but this fact does not deny the supposition that rings of some sort were used. No stone disks or end-markers were found set in the playing area along its north-south axis."

(Ruppert 1943: 61-62)