Becán Central Plaza

Becan map, from Ruppert and Denison's 1943 expedition

Ruppert & Denison 1943: Plate 68


The central plaza group is defined on the east by structure VIII and on the west by Structure X. Structure IX is by far the highest structure at Becan, but it is little more than an impressive mound of rubble.

Ruppert wrote in 1943: "Structure IX, lying northwest of Structure VIII and rising 32 m. above the terrace, is the highest pyramid in the city. It, with a long mound to the west, bounds the north side of the Central Plaza; Structure X, the west; and Structure VIII, the east. A stairway, now in ruins, on the south side of Structure IX rose at an angle of approximately 51°. The acclivity at the top of the pyramid seems to indicate a superstructure, of which, however, no walls are visible. Stela 3 stands at the south base of this pyramid.

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