Becan map

David F. Potter's reconstructive drawing of Becán: Click on red arrows to view photos, or on Southeast Plaza to zoom in.

Becán is arranged around three major plazas. The most important of these is the great southeastern plaza outlined in red at the bottom of the map. Use the "Map2" button to zoom in and view photos from this area, or click on the plaza area in the map. The central plaza group occupies the midground of the map and is defined on the east by structure VIII and on the west by Structure X. The west plaza at the top left of the map includes the ballcourt and the back of Structure X on the east, by long low masonry structures north and south of the ballcourt, and by a series of poorly preserved structures on the west side collectively known as Structure XIII. Potter remarks that this group is scarcely better known today than it was at the time of Ruppert's report in 1943.