Lintel 3

Yaxchilan: Structure 33 Lintel 3 [January 3, 2004]

"The God K manikin scepter is an object that portrays God K with a leg that is a serpent body and head...At Yaxchilan, the God K manikin scepter most frequently appears in conjunction with a bundle on accession, bloodletting, and commemorative occasions.

The image of the ruler holding a shield in one hand balanced by a God K manikin scepter in the other while standing on a captive was standard accession and Period Ending iconography in some Central Petén and Petex-Batun sites, but was never used at Yaxchilan. The manikin scepter was a part of the local version of accession and Period Ending, and hence, bloodletting, iconography."

Carolyn E. Tate, Yaxchilan: The Design of a Maya Ceremonial City, p. 94