Str. 33

Yaxchilan: Structure 33 [January 3, 2004]

The art decorating Structure 33 is placed on four levels. At the base, six plain steps lead up to a final step composed of thirteen carved risers, shown here covered by protective screens. Ten of these risers depict historical individuals of the Yaxchilan royalty engaged in a ballgame, and three show female members of the royal family holding God K scepters. Above the hieroglyphic step, a landing provides access to the three entrances.

Next, elaborate carved lintels above each door portray Bird Jaguar impersonating various gods in the Maya pantheon as he performed his duties of rulership. Maler reported that once a red band ran under the cornice and around the doors, but that line is not visible today.

Over each doorway, stucco figures were enthroned on monster heads, but all that remains are the tenons or holes for tenons for holding the figures in place. Finally, the whole structure was topped by a roofcomb with an enormous statue of (presumably) Bird Jaguar in the center.