Xunantunich, east frieze
Xunantunich, drawing of east frieze

Xunantunich: East Freize [January 4, 1998]

"Three monumental masks, located over three original doorways into A-6-2nd, are found within the lower register. The masks on both ends of the frieze seem to be identical and may represent the World Tree or central axis of the Maya world. The central mask, now visible only in the drawing, may represent Chac, an important deity in the Maya creation of the world. Between the masks are two U-shaped elements which represent the moon.

Above the central mask is a throne with an open mouthed, jawless serpent head facing to the left. On both sides of the throne, figures can be seen holding up the sky. Representations of the Xunantunich lineage probably were originally sculpted above the two end masks and on the central throne. A fragment of such a portrait can be seen on the west frieze."

Belize Dept. of Archaeology, sign at site