Xunantunich, Str. A-11

Xunantunich: Structure A-11 [January 4, 1998]

Floor Plan, Str. A-11

"In its original form Structure A-11/1 contained four rooms, a double one facing south (nos. 1 and 2), with a central passage between them, and two lateral rooms (nos. 3 and 4) facing west and east respectively. A broad, level terrace, perhaps 8 ft. (2.4m) wide as already suggested, must have connected the western, southern and eastern doorways; rooms 3 and 4 doubtless faced the main stairways which led up to this.

The doorways to rooms 3 and 2 were 7 ft (2.13m) and 6 ft (1.83m) wide respectively. There were of course no actual doors in these openings; the complete rim of a storage jar was found set into the inside face of the wall of room 3, 9 in (23cm) from the edge of the door. This is interpreted as one of a pair of curtain tie-holes (the south side of this doorway has vanished) in each of which there was presumably once a stick with a cord tied to it. The curtains could thus have been tied back from the opening as required. This feature was not found in the interior doorways."

Mackie, 1961: 31