Xpujil: Str. 1 panel detail

(Ruppert 1943:fig.39a)


"Vertical recessed panels originally flanked each east facade doorway with elaborate vertically repeated, conventionalized relief sculpture in stone covered with plaster. At the ends of each lateral facade unit stood a single applied column. These features are now largely destroyed but Ruppert's photograph [above] shows that one panel appeared to have the same general character as those at the north side of Str. IV, Becan, although with much more detail in the stone still evident."

(Potter 1977:92)

Paul Gendrop writes: "This panel has disappeared, savagely torn away by looters, though similar ones protected by the rubble have been saved.

(Gendrop, Rio Bec, Chenes, and Puuc Styles in Maya Architecture, p. 57)

Note also the thin column embedded in the indentation of this bay [extreme left side of photo] which emphasizes the recessed center door and panel assemblage."