Structure I: 1997 photo contrasted with 1938 suggested restoration of south end

Xpujil: Structure 1 Xpujil: Str 1 restorative drawing

Feb. 19, 1997


A 1997 photo of the south end of Structure 1 Group 1, compared to a restoration drawings. The right edge of the photo bisects the doorway to the interior staircase inside the south tower. The photo also shows a decorative panel in stone mosaic & plaster. Proskouriakoff's drawing contains the reconstructed doorway but shows a plain panel, because Ruppert claimed to have found only a plain inset panel in the lower wall zone at the north end of the building in 1938 (p. 87). However, my photos show a decorated panel, and Potter, in 1970, writes: "however, it was evident that a panel at this location contained relief sculpture similar to that on the east facade." For a more detailed view of the mysterious decorated panel now in place, press the "detail" button.

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