Uxmal, Photo of House of the Governor

House of the Governor [June 21, 1995]

"The most beautiful Puuc buildings in all Yucatan, what we may properly call the true Maya architectural renaissance, the neo-classic period of Maya architecture, are to be found at Uxmal. And curiously enough, the Mexican influence so strongly noticed at Chichen Itza is almost non-existent at the Xiu capital. There are no serpent-column temples at Uxmal, though there are six at Chichen Itza; no colonnades at Uxmal, though there are more than a dozen at Chichen Itza; there is only one small ball court a Uxmal, while there are six at Chichen Itza, in addition to a seventh buried under a later construction. Not a single building at Uxmal has the sloping base, so common at Chichen Itza. Architectural conventions and ideas from central Mexica seem to have been little followed at Uxmal. On the contrary the Puuc, or neo-Classic Maya, here reached its finest expression."

Sylvanus Morley, The Ancient Maya, p. 330