Uxmal, Photo of Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid, Uxmal [June 22, 1995]

In 1936, Pollack wrote: "This great structure, the largest pyramid at Uxmal, lies immediately southwest of the Governor's Palace and east of the House of the Pigeons Complex. The sides strewn with loose rock and covered with rank vegetation, the pyramid has presented in modern time a somewhat amorphous appearance: only the tumbled remains of some vaults show at the base of the mound and a few decorative details are visible near the summit. It is presumably for this reason that so imposing a mass has received relatively little attention from writers on Uxmal."

H.E.D. Pollack, The Puuc, p. 244

NOTE: As the next few photos illustrate, archaeologists have completed much reconstruction since Pollack's time.