Uxmal, Nunnery Quadrangle

View through West Bldg: East Bldg & El Adivino in background. South Bldg to right. [June 22, 1995]

Describing their 1841 entrance into the nunnery quadrangle, Stephens wrote: "...we enter a noble courtyard, with four great façades looking down upon it, each ornamented from one end to the other with the richest and most intricate carving known in the art of the builders of Uxmal; presenting a scene of strange magnificence, surpassing any that is now to be seen among its ruins. This courtyard is two hundred and fourteen feet wide, and two hundred and fifty-eight feet deep.

At the time of our first entrance it was overgrown with bushes and grass, quails started up from under our feet, and, with a whirring flight, passed over the tops of the buildings. Whenever we went to it, we started flocks of these birds, and throughout the whole of our residence at Uxmal they were the only disturbers of its silence and desolation."

Stephens, Incidents of Travel in Yucatan, vol. 1, p. 177-178