Uxmal, Grand Panorama

Grand panorama as seen from the North Building of the Nunnery Quadrangle [June 21, 1995]

"From the platform of the steps of this building, looking across the courtyard, a grand view presents itself, embracing all the principal building that now tower above the plain, except the House of the Dwarf. Plate VII represents this view. In the foreground is the inner façade of the front range of the Monjas [Nunnery Quadrangle], with a portion of the range on each side of the courtyard. To the left, in the distance, appears the Casa de la Vieja, or of the Old Woman, and, rising grandly above the front of the Monjas, are the House of the Turtles, that of the Governor, and the Casa de Palomos, or the House of the Pigeons."

John L. Stephens, Incidents of Travel in Yucatan (1843), vol. 1, p. 183