Uxmal, Nunnery Quadrangle: North Building

Nunnery Quadrangle: the North Building [June 21, 1995]

"At the end of the courtyard, and fronting the gate of entrance, is the façade of a lofty building, two hundred and sixty-four feet long, standing on a terrace twenty feet high. The ascent is by a grand but ruined staircase, ninety-five feet wide, flanked on each side by a building with a sculptured front, and having three doorways, each leading to apartments within.

The height of this building to the upper cornice is twenty-five feet. It has thirteen doorways, over each of which rose a perpendicular wall ten feet wide and seventeen feet high above the cornice, making the whole height forty-two feet from the ground. These lofty structures were no doubt erected to give grandeur and effect to the building, and at a distance they apear to be turrets, but only four of them now remain."

Stephens, Incidents of Travel in Yucatan, Vol. 1, p. 179-183