Tikal: Maler's Palace

Tikal: Maler's Palace [January 17, 1999]

"The lower story of Maler's Palace is composed of a series of rooms, arranged in two parallel ranges with additional rooms set at right-angles at the ends to form an "I" plan (see diagram). A carved frieze is visible above the three doorways facing the court, and a few remaining traces on other sides indicate that this frieze originally ran entirely around the palace, but is now preserved only on the north side.

As in the temples, the doorways were without doors. The inner corners of the door jambs frequently have inset wooden dowels to which curtains could be attached from the inside. Just above the doorways and beneath the carved frieze on the exterior, one can also see a row of small holes that once held wooden dowels from which curtains may have been hung, or perhaps a canopy suspended over the court-side platform."

William R. Coe, Tikal: A Handbook of the Ancient Maya Ruins, p.59

Pot G3

In this vase from Tikal, the figure on the far left is presenting a feathered canopy to the seated ruler on the right. Perhaps canopies like this once graced the entrances to Maler's Palace.